Ghost Ship ARC by Sharon Lee and Steve Miller

An ARC is an uncorrected advanced reader copy sent out to people who will recommend the book.  An ARC from Baen is a little different.  When Baen has a book everyone is waiting for they will offer the ARC as an ebook priced at $15.00.  It is a good deal for the author and the publisher, and fills a need for those of us who can’t wait for the final copy of the book to be released.  To make it an even better deal for the author and publisher most of us buy a paper copy of the book when it is finally released.  In my case I have a signed copy of Ghost Ship on order from Uncle Hugo’s book story.

Ghost Ship (Liaden Universe) is the latest book set in the Liaden Universe by Sharon Lee and Steve Miller.  While it is the third book featuring Theo Waitley in the time line it is the book that follows I DareGhost Ship answers some questions, poses some new ones, and lets all of us visit with many of the characters from the previous books.  Like all Lee and Miller Liaden books the pacing is great, the character well drawn, the plot full of unexpected turns and it ends with a new questions that needs to be answered.  Ghost Ship is a great addition to the series.

If you can’t wait to read the book you can purchase the ARC of Ghost Ship by Sharon Lee and Steve Miller from Baen.  If you can wait the paper copy will be out in August.  For all of the die-hard fans there is another book in the works and it is scheduled to be out in 2012.  I hope there will be an ARC released for that one so I will not have as long as wait.

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