Steam and Sorcery by Cindy Spencer Pape

Steam and Sorcery combines steampunk, magic, and paranormal in a satisfying read.  Sir Merrick Hadrian is a Knight of the ancient Order of the Round Table.  On a mission in the London slums Sir Marrick is saved by a band of five children from an attack of vampyres.  When the children offer to help him complete his mission he accepts their help.  Recognizing the unique talent in each of the children and the fact that one of them is a Knight he moves them to his home creating chaos.  What he needs is a governess and it seems his Aunt has just the person to do the job.  Caroline is between jobs having just been dismissed from her last job after her employer tries to take liberties with her person.  Of course Caroline, who thinks she is just ordinary, has talents of her own and soon she, the children and Sir Merrick are involved in a dangerous mystery.

Steam and Sorcery has it all; monsters, romance, mystery, great characters, and a well constructed plot.    I have had mixed results with the books I purchased from Carina Press.  Steam and Sorcery is one I do not hesitate to recommend.  Steam and Sorcery is an eBook.

Steam And Sorcery is the first book in the Gaslight Chronicles.  Look for the second book, Photographs and Phantoms, to be released April 25th, 2011.

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