Semper Fi Magick by Faith V. Smith

When I received my last Romantic Times magazine I is saw that Semper Fi Magick had received 4 ½ stars.  I requested and got a copy of the ebook from Wild Rose Press.  This is one time when I did not do the background checking I should have.  Semper Fi Magick is the second book in a series.  Each story stands alone but the characters from the first story play a big part in the new story.  Even though Faith Smith included some back-story I would have gotten into this book faster if I had read the first story.  That being said Semper Fi Magick had a good story that also forms the basis for the next book in the series.
Princess Catriona (Cat) is the daughter of the King of the Faeries.  She has been restricted to her own realm after her interference in the mortal world.  She is spoiled and she is bored so she decides to ignore her Father’s restriction and visit Wulfgar and Raven’s home in the mortal world.  There is another guest there when she arrives.  Derek is a special Ops Marine and he has come to his cousin Rav’s home for some quite time to recover from a mission that went bad.  There are immediate sparks of the wrong kind between Derek and Cat.  Derek needs peace and quite.   Cat wants to be treated like a Princess and Derek just does not buy it.  Cat has to do a lot of changing and Derek has to take some thing on faith for things to work out between the two.
I recommend you read Viking, Go Home, the first story before starting Semper Fi Magick.  Look for the lead into the next story at the end of Semper Fi.  I am looking forward to that story.
Wild Rose Press published Semper Fi Magick by Faith V. Smith in 2011.

Giving me a free book does not guarantee a recommendation.  I will not recommend a book if I do not like it.

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