The Last Warrior by Susan Grant

Susan Grant’s last few books have been a mix of hit and miss for me.  It was almost like she was trying write like someone else.  The Last Warrior is Susan back on track and writing with her own voice.
The Last Warrior is set in an entirely new world.  Humans and the Gorr arrived to colonize the same planet.  The Gorr tried to exterminate the humans and all contract with Earth (Uhrth in The Last Warrior) was cut off.  Humans divided into three groups who do not get along but with the Gorr a common enemy.  General Tao has just come home after a great victory against the Gorr.  He does not find the welcome he expects.  He is forced to find refuge from his own people and is thrown together with Elsabeth whose loyalty is with another human group.  Together they must work to heal the wounds among the humans or see all humans on the planet wiped out by the Gorr.
The Last Warrior is a fast paced, action filled adventure where the romance does not overpower but is part of the story. The characters are well drawn and several of the secondary characters could be the main characters in future books.  Susan has crafted a world filled with possibilities and I look forward to see future books in this setting.
Harlequin published The Last Warrior by Susan Grant in 2011.
The Last Warrior is a book I purchased.

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