Virgin, The Cat Star Chronicles by Cheryl Brooks

I was surprised when I read that there was another book in the Cat Star Chronicles.  At the end of Hero, the sixth book, I thought the series was at an end but as Cheryl says in Virgin, her publisher said that cats have nine lives and her series should have just as many.  If I had looked closer I would have realized that the following message Jack got in Hero’s Epilogue was  setting the stage for future books.

“A woman by the name of Amelyana Grekkor has arrived at Terra Minor in a starship filled with over a hundred Zetithian refugees.  They have been in space for twenty-five years and are requesting permission to land.”

Dax was raised on that ship.  He is now a wealthy Starship pilot with his own ship.  When he accepts a passenger he charges only what they can afford to pay.  Ava Karon needs to get away from an abusive man and Dax agrees to take her to her home planet.  Because Dax has never met a woman he wants he is still a virgin. Dax is attracted to Ava but he does not know how to let her know.     Women usually throw themselves at him but Ava does not.  Dax needs help.  Throw in danger, a friend who may or may not help Dax with Ava, and you have a great adventure.

Virgin is a great addition to the Cat Star series.  Again Cheryl Brooks has come up with great hero and a woman who is his match.  With over one hundred Zetithian refugees still out there nine lives may not be enough for this series.

Virgin can be read as a stand-alone but for the most fun start at the beginning with Slave and read in the following order; Warrior, Outcast, Rogue, Fugitive, and Hero.

Sourcebooks published Virgin by Cheryl Brooks in 2011.

I received a free ARC of Virgin when I attended the Online Book Bloggers Conference.

Giving me a free copy of a book does not guarantee a recommendation.  I only recommend books I like.

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