Lord Langley Is Back in Town, by Elizabeth Boyle

Elizabeth Boyle found that she had three Lady Standon’s who became widows and were left out in the cold when their husbands died before inheriting the Hollindrake dukedom.  None of the widows got along so she decided to put them all in the same house and then give each their own love story.  Lord Langley Is Back in Town tells the story of Minerva Hartley, the last Standon Widow.

The other two Standon widows have married and Minerva is enjoying the peace and quite now that she has the house to herself.  That only lasts until four of Lord Langley’s former mistress’s arrive and move in.  They all insist that Minerva is hiding Lord Langley and they will not leave until she produces him.  Minerva insists she cannot produce him because he is dead.  However, the news of his death is premature.  When someone tried to kill Lord Langley he ended up in a Paris prison with no memory of what happened.  To make matters worse that same someone has framed him for treason.  He is out of prison and back in town. Unknown to Minerva he has been living in her attic while trying to find out who wanted him dead.  When he is discovered in Minerva’s bedroom he arranges a false engagement.  Both Lord Langley and Minerva have secrets.  How will they ever get everything straighten out and will their engagement become real?

Lord Langley Is Back in Town is a cute story.  All of the previous characters make an appearance when they decide to help Minerva out.  Nothing goes as planned but in the end everything works out.  The book is a great end the Standon Widows series.  It is more fun if you have read the first two books but you can read Lord Langley as a stand-alone.
Avon published Lord Langley Is Back in Town by Elizabeth Boyle in 2011.

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