Library To Go and The Nook

My local library has Library to Go an online service that allows library patrons to check and download ebooks.  The books can be downloaded in several formats including epub and I was supposed to be able to read on my Nook by using the side load feature.  When I first discovered the service I went on line and checked out a book, downloaded it, plugged my Nook into the computer and dragged and dropped the book into My Documents.  It showed up in My Documents but did not show up on my Nook.  I started checking and was told I had to plug the Nook into the computer, open the book with Adobe Digital Editions and the drag and drop.  The first time I did this a screen was suppose to come up asking if I wanted to approve the Nook for use with Adobe Digital Editions.  I could then drag and drop into the Nook.  I followed the directions but the approval screen did not come up and I still could not read the book on my Nook.

After all of that I took my computer and my Nook into Barnes and Noble to ask for help.  I was told that I needed to call the help line.  I went home and called.  I use an Apple and it turns out that there is some code that has to be changed before Adobe Digital Editions will recognize the Nook.  After I imputed the code I plugged in the Nook, made sure I was online, and opened Adobe Digital Editions.  I was asked to approve the Nook after I approved there was a little Nook on the lower left of the program screen.  From the library view of Digital Editions I could drag and drop the book into the Nook.  Now I can read the Library To Go books on my Nook.

If you have a Nook and are having the same problems I had call the Help line at Barnes and Noble and they will talk you through the necessary steps to set up your Nook for reading ebooks you check out from your local library.



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