Interview With Kristine Kathryn Rusch

I emailed Kristine Kathryn Rusch (Kris) two weeks ago and asked if she had time for a short interview.  She was in the middle of a project and asked if I had a specific time line to reply.  I told her I was retired and very flexible and to get back to me when she had time. She got back to me today and here is her interview:


Kris:  I finally had a chance to answer your questions.  Here goes:


Jo:  I am fascinated by the craft of writing and the different approaches authors take.  How do you structure your writing and what is you typical writing day like?


Kris:  I write at least 3,000 new words per day, six days per week.  I used to work seven, but that leads to burnout even when you enjoy your job.  I get up, check the e-mail, write, exercise, have lunch, then repeat until dinner, after which I write some more, then read and watch an hour’s worth of something with a plot.  Then I repeat as the week progresses.


Jo: I just read Killer Advice in the January issue of Asimov’s Science Fiction and loved it.  It looked like it had lots of hooks for future stories.  Do you have more planned and if so do you know when and where they will be published?


Kris: A previous story came out in the Best New Space Opera 2, and Misha will show up as the hero of a romance novel, Assassins in Love, published next fall under my Kris DeLake pen name.  I’m sure there will be more stories as well.


Jo On a totally different subject, I recommended The Disappeared for our Science Fiction Book club last year and was surprised to find out it was out of print.  We did read and discuss it but had to buy used copies.  Do you have any plans to publish it as an ebook?  I know there is a new book coming out this year.  Who is publishing that book?


Kris:  The Disappeared has been reissued by WMG Publishing in both trade and e-book.  You can also get an audio version from  The next Retrieval Artist novel, Anniversary Day, will appear exclusively through in late September, early October.  Then WMG Publishing will publish the e-book and the trade paper in December.  Another new Retrieval Artist novel, as yet untitled, will go through the same pattern next year.


Thanks for asking!


And thanks for asking me to participate in the blog.


All the best,


Jo:  A Big Thank You to Kris for responding to my interview request. I have put Assassin in Love and Anniversary Day on my list of books to be ordered . I also have to go find Best New Space Opera 2 to read the story published there. You can learn more about Kris at her web site


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