Shameless by Anne Stuart

Historical Romance

In Shameless the Heavenly Host is back but this time there is a sinister difference.  Lady Melisande Carstairs is a reformer who goes to Viscount Benedick Rohan for help.   She has information that leads her to believe that the Host is going to sacrifice a young girl as part of their ritual at the next new moon.  Never were two people more mismatched.  Lady Melisande wants nothing to do with men.  Her goal in life is to save women from a life of prostitution.  Benedick has had awful luck with women.  His two wives died in childbirth and one fiancée was mad and killed her self.  He is looking for a wife he can ignore after she gives him an heir.  He cannot ignore Lady Melisande and from the first sparks fly.


Shameless is another good addition to the House of Rohan series.  There is great dialogue, well written characters, and enough action to hold the readers attention.   As an added treat the major characters from Breathless played a major role in the book.   For me one of the best parts of the book were the hooks for what must be the next book in the series.  Read and see why I am looking forward to that book.

Mira published Shameless by Anne Stuart in 2011.


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