Discovery – a Far Out Romance by T.M. Roy

Science Fiction Romance

The author says that Discovery – A Far Out Romance is “a short and sweet read, something easy to polish off in an afternoon at the beach or with a pot of tea and a fire”.  I have to agree.


Dr. Kent Xavier is the main character in Discovery.  When he arrives home early and finds his fiancée in bed with another man he goes on a camping trip to try to heal his hurt.  Not far from his campsite an alien group is taking samples.  When one of the women in the group wanders off and is trapped in a rock slide Kent comes to the recue.  Because of the rockslide Povre does not get back in time and is left on the planet when her people leave.   Although Kent and Povre are different species they are attracted to each other.  Their feelings grow as they end up on the run from several groups trying to capture an alien.

This is Science Fiction Romance so we know the destination.  It is the journey that makes this such a good story.   There is enough action, adventure and romance to satisfy any SFR fan and there are enough twists and turns to keep a predictable plot interesting.  Povre and Kent are both great characters.  It is a nice change to have the male as the main character and Kent does a great job of carrying the story.

Zapstone Production published Discovery – A Far Out Romance by T.M. Roy as an ebook in 2010.

I purchased Discovery as an ebook.


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