Second Son of A Duke by Gwen Hayes



Second Son of a Duke is a 47-page novella.  I purchased the book from All Romance eBooks when it was offered at a special 99-cent price.  The opening is a real attention getter.


Theodore Maxmillian Middleton stared at the stranger lying in his bed and knew there wasn’t enough drink in the world to make this situation bearable.  He’d kill his brother for this. Tomorrow.”


And what had his brother done?  He had planned and pulled off a wedding between Teddy and Juliette, the sister of his best friend.  An unexpected and unwanted wedding that Teddy and Juliette only found out about on the day of the nuptials.


It was not a very good beginning for a marriage.  Second Son of a Duke is a short but fun read with a big twist at the end.  The writing is good, the story moves at an enjoyable pace, and the two main characters are very likeable.   I was glad I bought it.


Smashwords published Second Son of a Duke by Gwen Hayes in 2011.

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