Silk is For Seduction by Loretta Chase


Marcelline Noirot is the daughter of Mr. Edward Noirot and Miss Catherine DeLucey.  Both the Noirot’s and the DeLucey’s are noted for “seducing and swindling every dupe who crossed their path”.  Since Edward and Catherine carried on this tradition you would think that their children would follow the same path.  That is not what happened.  Their three daughters are making an honest living as dressmakers.  Marcelline is the oldest and determined to make her shop the one the highest echelons of the ton use.   Her plan is to lure the bride of the Duke of Clevedon into becoming a customer.  When she meets the Duke of Clevedon nothing works out as she planned.  Can a shopkeeper find happiness with a Duke?  Read and find out.

Loretta Chase is one of my favorite romance authors.  Mr. Impossible and Lord Perfect are two books I never get tired of reading.  Silk is for Seduction continues in the same line.  It was fun to see another one of the Dreadful DeLucey’s.  The story was good, the characters fun, and the romance hot.  However, for me it was a little to close to the story in Lord Perfect.  It often felt like only the characters names had been changed.  Even so I enjoyed the book.

Avon published Silk is For Seduction by Loretta Chase in 2011.

I purchased Silk is For Seduction.


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