Exchange by Dale Cozor

Science Fiction Romance/Alternate History

I have mixed feelings about Exchange.  I loved the premise as stated on the author’s website.

An Alternate History. Near future earth temporarily ‘Exchanges’ pieces of itself with an alternate reality where humans never developed and the large, fierce ice age animals stills exist.”

The story that went with the premise was a little uneven.  There is a lot of action involving the main character, Sharon Mack.  Sharon is left in Rockford, Ill when part of the city is exchanged with part of Bear Country, the name for the alternate Earth.   The exchange is temporary and people are there to make sure nothing from Bear Country is taken back when the exchange ends.  Sharon finds that her OCD daughter has been kidnapped by her out of control ex-husband and taken out into Bear Country.  A group of survivalist wants to stay in Bear Country when the exchange ends and Sharon spends her time trying to get her daughter back.  Along the way she meets Leo West, the man that put the romance in the story.  This is where my mixed feelings come in.  This is a SFR, but the romance does not ring true.  There is very little interaction between Sharon and Leo. Instead Sharon bounces from crisis to crisis.

I would recommend the book even with its shortcomings.  I hope that there is a sequel.  The author certainly set the stage for one.

Stariway Press published Exchange by Dale Cozort in 2010.

I received a free copy of Exchange from Net Galley.  A free copy does not guarantee a recommendation.  I only recommend a book I like. 

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