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I used to live in Denver and I visited there recently.  When I lived there a frequent visit to the Tattered Cover was a necessity.   The main store was in Cherry Creek but after I moved they lost their lease and moved to a location on Colfax.  I visited the new store right after it opened and was very disappointed.  It just did not have the same feel.  It has been several years since that visit and when I went this time I was pleasantly surprised.  Things had changed and that cozy bookstore feel was back.  There were some changes.  The store now has new and used books.  The used books are mixed in with the new and identified by a band on the spine.  This store is smaller and there are not as many books as before.  I still found books I wanted and purchased four titles while I was there.  If you are a book lover and in Denver you need to visit the Tattered Cover.  There are three locations, the one on Colfax, on at Highlands Ranch and another downtown in Lodo.  Any store is worth a visit.  They also have a web site that is worth a visit.


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