The Mitford Books Featuring Father Tim by Jan Karon

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My Mother died three weeks ago today after a 7 month long battle against cancer.  A battle she never had a chance of winning.  She was 91.  She was widowed and left with a 9 month old and a 6-year-old daughter when she was 28.  She went to work to support us and never remarried.  She gave me a love of reading and although she never quit reading she did lose the habit of reading fiction for pleasure.  It became a real challenge to find fiction books that she would enjoy and a bigger challenge to find a series of fiction books that she would sit down and read.  The Father Tim Mitford books were one of my biggest successes.   I brought her the first one and within days she was asking if I had the next book in the series.  She read and loved every Mitford book.  This recommendation is in my Mother’s memory.

The Father Tim Mitford books have been out for quite a while.  They combine great characters, a good story, late in life romance and religion in just the right mix.  As the series opens Father Tim is an Episcopal priest in the small southern town of Mitford.  He is older and has never married.  He has a new neighbor and his life is about to change.  Jan Karon has created a small town filled with remarkable characters.  Some take their religion very seriously.  They do not preach, they show by example.  Some do not have religion at all.  The story weaves all of these people into a wonderful reading experience.

Like the characters, the books do not preach.  The story is strong enough to stand by itself and religion is show by example.  I think anyone who loves a good story will enjoy the Mitford books.

 The Mitford Series in Order are:

At Home In Mitford

A Light In the Window

These High, Green Hills

Out To Canaan

A New Song

A Common Life

In this Mountain

Shepherds Abiding

A Light From Heaven

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