Killing Time by Elisa Paige and Motor City Fae by Cindy Spencer Pape

Paranormal/Fantasy Romance

I received free copies of both Killing Time and Motor City Fae from Carina Press.  I read the books back-to-back and found that they have a lot in common.  Both use the other world of the Fae as a backdrop to their stories although each has their own twist to that world.  In Killing Time the fae are the enemies and in Motor City Fae they are part of a different world that is neither all good nor all bad.

Killing Time features Sephti, a genetically engineered fae warrior used by her creators as an engine of destruction.  She has escaped her makers and is determined to destroy those use used and abused her.  Her capture by Koda, an ancient Native American guardian who wants to protect his people from the fae, brings the two into an alliance against a common enemy.

Elisa Paige has created a world where the supernatural are commonplace and filled it with interesting and well-developed characters.  The action is fast paced and the story moves in a consistent direction.  Killing Time is the second book in the series but functions well as a stand-alone.

Motor City Fae also uses the world of the fae but not as enemies.  Meagan Kelly is a Detroit artist who does not know she is half elf and half human and an heiress in the world of the fae.  Megan holds the deciding vote on who rules in the Fae Council and Ric Thornhill is an elf that has been sent to find Meagan.  He must keep her from harm and deliver her in time to keep the peace between humans and the fae.

Cindy Spencer Pape’s world is filled with otherworldly people who hide what they are when in the human realm.   Motor City Fae has a well-developed plot, great characters and plenty of action.  This is book one of the Urban Arcana series and it contains multiple hooks for future stories.

Carina Press published both Killing Time by Elisa Paige and Motor City Fae by Cindy  Spencer Pape in 2011.

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