The Truth of Valor by Tanya Huff

Science Fiction/Space Opera

Yes! Yes! Yes!  Love it! Love it! Love it! The Truth of Valor is space opera as it should to be written.  The two main characters, Torin and Craig, reappear from the previous Valor books.  Torin has left the marines and joined Craig in the salvage business. Life for these two should be fairly simple but of course nothing with these two goes as expected.

Someone has found a Marine Armory.  If they can get it open they can make a fortune and change the balance of power between the races.  Craig gets pulled into the mix and Torin get left for dead.  What a set up for a great story.

Look for adventure, danger, and disappointment.  Torin is left on her own to rescue Craig.  Craig and Torin are great characters and the relationship between them continues to grow.  The villains are really bad.  Torin’s old Marine buddies come through for her. Craig’s friends do not come through.  As the book ends there is a whole new set up for future books about these two.  I for one am looking forward to more Valor novels. 

The Truth of Valor is the fifth book in this series.  It can be read as a stand-alone but I recommend reading all six.

The books in order are:

A Confederation of Valor – Omnibus of first two books

Valor’s Choice

The Better Part of Valor

The Heart of Valor

Valor’s Trial

The Truth of Valor

Daw published The Truth of Valor by Tanya Huff 


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