What Else I Read in September of 2011

Science Fiction:

Rising Tides by Taylor Anderson – I like the Destroyermen series but I have to admit this book was really slow.  I have had it for awhile.  I would pick it up and then put it down.  It seemed to have more description and less action than the others.  It did pick up near the end.  I am not giving up on the series.  I have the next book on order.

Science Fiction Romance:

Canyons of the Night by Jayne Castle – Book Three of the Looking Glass Trilogy this was really more of a set up for future books.  The romance was nice, the dialog snappy but a lot was left unsolved.  Future visits to Harmony are in the making.

Wild and Steamy by Meljean Brook, Jill Myles and Carolyn Crane – I have read books by two of the authors, Carolyn Crane and Meljean Brook.  Meljean’s is a side story in the The Tale of the Iron Seas Universe and Carolyn’s is a side story in the Disillusionists Universe.  Both are fun additions to their other books.  Wild and Steamy is available only as an ebook.


A Covent Garden Mystery by Ashley Gardner –  I love this series and have actually been saving this book because it will be awhile before another one will be released.  By the end of the book everything is working out for Captain Lacey.  I know there will be future problems in the next books.  I just hope that some things still work out for Captain Lacey.

The Gentleman’s Walking Stick by Ashley Gardner – This release is two short stories set after A Covent Garden Mystery.  They are just enough to make me want more.


Lady Isabella’s Scandalous Marriage and The Many Sins of Lord Cameron by Jennifer Ashley – I loved The Madness of Lord Ianh Mackenzie.  These two books continue the story of the four Mackenzie brothers.  I like both books and now only one brother’s book is left.  That book is due out in April of 2011.

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