Heroes at Odds by Moira J. Moore


Heroes at Odds bring back Shield Lee Mallorough and Source Shintaro Karish, a bonded pair who are still in the duchy of Westsea to stop the natural disasters that plague the area.  Lee’s parents show up for a visit but the visit has a purpose.  They have rushed to prepare Lee for the arrival Cars Pride and his son Marcus.  Lee was betrothed to Marcus before she became a Shield and the Pride’s want to enforce the betrothal. 

If that does not cause enough problems Taro’s Mother is still scheming, and the Earl of Kent is trying to take Westsea saying he has the Emperor’s blessing.  Once again Lee and Taro are in the middle of trouble.

Heroes at Odds keeps up the tension of previous books and moves Lee and Taro’s story in a new direction.  I loved Lee’s family, especially her brothers.  New information about the Emperor’s actions comes to light and there is a big change in Lee’s and Taro’s relationship. 

Heroes at Odds is part of a series.  It could be read as a stand-alone but I strongly recommend starting with the first book.  There is a lot of character and relationship development in the first books that is central to the story line.  The books in the series are:

Resenting the Hero

The Hero Strikes Back

Heroes Adrift

Heroes at Risk

Heroes Return

Heroes at Odds

I just read on Moria’s blog that ACE will not published the last book in the series. Moria is going to write it anyway and published it on the web.  Click on Moria’s name below to go to her web site.

ACE Books published Heroes at Odds by Moira J. Moore in 2011.

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