Hounded by Kevin Hearne – The Iron Druid Chronicles


Remember me saying I needed two books on that Amazon order.  Hounded has also been on my recommendations from Amazon and it is the other book I used to fill my order.  Let me start by saying that Hounded is a paranormal not a paranormal romance.  Don’t let that keep you from reading the book.  Hounded is a great story.

Kevin Hearne has created a world filled with Celtic mythology set in modern Arizona. When Atticus O’Sullivan is tells people he is 21 they think years, he means centuries.  Atticus is just the first of a large cast of wonderful characters.  There is a very angry Celtic god that wants a sword belonging to Atticus, a goddess of death, a vampire and werewolf team of attorneys, a sexy bartender who shares her body with a Hindu witch and best of all is Oberon, Atticus’s Irish wolfhound, a dog that can communicate.

Filled with well-developed characters, a great story line, and fast paced action Hounded kept me reading.  This is the first of a series.  Books two and three, Hexed and Hammered, are on the list for my next order.  Book four, Tricked, will be out in April of 2012.

Ballantine/Del Rey published Hounded by Kevin Hearne in 2011. 

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