Lady’s Sophie’s Christmas Wish

Regency Romance

Grace Burrowes’ Regency Romances start with the Duke’s Obsession trilogy featuring the three Windham sons.  Book one is The Heir, book two is The Soldier and Book Three, The Virtuoso, has not been released.  Lady Sophie’s Christmas Wish is the first book about the five Windham sisters. 

Sophie is the oldest daughter, the one who never causes her parents’ problems and the one who takes care of everyone.  Sophie is dreading Christmas.  Even in the middle of her family she feels alone so she delays leaving London to join her family in the country.  Then Sophie who knows nothing about taking care of babies is left in a public tavern holding an abandoned crying baby.  Enter Vim Charpentier who like Sophie sees nothing festive about Christmas.  His offer of help may fulfill a Christmas wish.

Lady Sophie’s Christmas Wish is another glimpse into the Windham family.  Most of us know someone like Sophie.  They are the ones who are always ready to help.  They keep a family together but sometimes the family will unwilling take advantage.   In Lady Sophie’s Christmas Wish we see a family realize how valuable Sophie is and work to make her dreams come true.  Filled with wonderful characters, great dialogue, a fun plot and of course romance Lady Sophie’s Christmas Wish is another worthwhile addition to this series about the Windham family.

Lady Sophie’s Christmas Wish takes place after the events in The Virtuoso. Look for my interview with Grace Burrowes tomorrow to find out how what looks like a mix-up happened.

Sourcebook published Lady Sophie’s Christmas Wish by Grace Burrowes in 2011.

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