For Heaven’s Eyes Only by Simon R. Green


A recent Musing Monday’s post was about listening to audio books.  I said I keep one going in my car all the time and that it is a way for me to check out new authors and series.  I just finished listening to For Heaven’s Eyes Only by Simon Green.  I have read other series by Simon Green and wondered if I would like this one.

This is book five in Simon Green’s The Secret Histories series.  The series features field agent Edwin “Eddie” Drood – aka secret agent Shaman Bond.  

A horrifying presence is growing and the threat of a mysterious Great Sacrifice looms.  Although Eddie has always been something of an outside, he – with help from his witch lover Molly Metcalf – will have to rise to the occasion to help thwart the menace and save his people.”

For Heaven’s Eyes Only was fun to listen too but I would not want to read the book.  There is a lot of blood and gore.  Saving the world involved killing a lot of people.  If you read the book don’t expect any happy ending.  Once the current problem is solved the book ends with a cliff-hanger that will be the theme for the next book. 

Recorded Books produced For Heaven’s Eyes Only by Simon Green in 2011.

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