Found by Kimber Chin


I have been on Kimber Chin’s email list but somehow I missed the release of Found.  Fortunately I just found Found.

It had happened again.  Death has found Tatyana.  It did not matter where she went it just kept happening. Then because she helped a dying woman Tatyana had to disappear and that was when she became mixed up with the mob and became Nikolay’s pretend fiancé.    That was when the fun began.  Tatyana or Brat as Nikolay calls her is sure being his fiancé is his death sentence.  Nikolay is not buying that.  It is great fun to watch the two as they play off against each other.   

Kimber Chin writes great dialog and the word play between Nikolay and Tatyana ratchets up the tension in the story.  Tatyana is a strong character and Nikolay is her match.  There are also several well-developed side characters that add to the story.  You don’t normally think a story with a mob setting would be this funny but Found like other Kimber Chin stories is full of humor.  If you have not tried a Kimber Chin story you are missing out.  Pick one up today.

Champagne Books published Found by Kimber Chin as an eBook in 2011.

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