Through the Looking Glass by John Ringo

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Through the Looking Glass by John Ringo is one of the two audio books I listened to while traveling over Thanksgiving.  I have tried reading a book by John Ringo before and did not finish it.  His writing was just not my cup of tea but since he writes Science Fiction I decided listen to one of his books to give him another change.

 Here is what Goodreads has to say about Through the Looking Glass.

When a 60 kiloton nuclear explosion destroys the University of Central Florida, terrorism is the first suspect. But terrorist don’t generally leave doorways to another world in their wake. Or, rather, a generator of doorways to multiple other worlds.” “With time of the essence, the Secretary of Defense scrounges up the nearest physicist with a high level security clearance. With doctorates in everything from nuclear physics to electrical engineering, William Weaver, PhD, is the egghead’s egghead. On the other hand, with skills in everything from mountain biking to screaming electric guitar, he’s also fast enough and tough enough to survive when the alien gates start disgorging “demons.”” “As a snap decision, he appears to be the perfect choice, smart, tough and capable. Now if he could only patch things up with his girlfriend, get his boss off his back and get his cell phone bill paid. Oh, yeah, and figure out why the heck these gates keep opening. Okay, so sometimes he’s got priority issues.” As the gates spread and evil aliens spread with them, it is up to Weaver and SEAL Command Master Chief Miller to find a way to stop the proliferation and close the hostile gates. The problem being that the only way they can see to save the earth is to destroy it. Then there’s not going to be any more girlfriends or bosses.”

This is military science fiction.  I did listen to the entire book but I will not be checking out the rest of the series.  This is not my type of military science fiction. Listening was not much any better than reading and like the last Ringo book I tried Through the Looking Glass is not my cup of tea.

Recorded Books produced Through the Looking Glass by John Ringo in 2006.

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