Angels of Darkness

Paranormal Romance

Angels of Darkness contains four novellas.  Angel’s Wolf  by Nalini Singh is set in the Guild Hunter world, Alphas:  Origins by Ilona Andrews which does not appear to go with any of her series, Ascension set in the Guardian world by Meljean Brook and Nocturne set in the Samaria world by Sharon Shinn.  My two favorites are Angel’s Wolf and Nocturne.  Shinn’s Samaria and Singh’s Guild Hunter are two of my favorite series.  

Angel’s Wolf is the story of Noel a vampire we met briefly in Archangel’s Kiss.  Noel was badly damaged and now that he is healed he has been sent to Louisiana to serve in the court of Nimra.  Noel feels that he has been sent here because he is now useless.  Nothing is further from the truth.  There is danger in Nimra’s court and Noel has been choosen to find and destroy that danger.

Nocturne by Sharon Shin features Corban, a blind angel, and Moriah, a housekeeper with secrets.  Moriah pushes Corban to rise above his blindness and fly again.  They are drawn together but could be pulled apart.

Both stories are well written and are good additions to their series. If you are fans of any of the four authors this is a good book to fill in the blanks while you wait for another book.

Berkley Sensation published Angels of Darkness by Nalini SinghIlona AndrewsMeljean Brook, and Sharon Shinn in 2011. 

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