Body Thief by C.J. Barry

Paranormal/Science Fiction

Body Thief is the second book in this series.  Set in a near future Earth the Shifters have crash-landed and have no place else to go.  Their home planet was rendered unlivable when an asteroid hit their moon.  The survivors fled to a near by planet and were allowed to settle.  They were never trusted and fled where the planet’s natives started hunting and killing any shifters they could find.  Their name comes from their ability to use DNA to mimic the any human form.  Like the inhabitants of the other planet Shifters are not welcomed on Earth and many are hunted and killed.

I love this concept and in Body Thief it is used to make a compelling story.  Shape shifter Camille Solomon has a problem.  Her father is ill and she needs to find her brother if there is to be any hope of a cure.  Then she is caught by Griffin Mercer and forced to work to track other Shifters.  Mercer hates all shifters.  His partner took his identity, stole his wife, killed a man while in using his shape and landed Mercer in prison.  He has been given one chance to get his life back and that means he must work with Camille.

Set in Las Vegas, Body Thief is filled with tension and danger.  The job Mercer and Camille are given is not what it seems.  It is hard to tell who the good guys are.  This is a story with many twist and turns.  The plot is great, the world building is believable, the side characters are well drawn, and the passion and romance develop as everything unfolds.   

I was immediately drawn into the story making this another book I had trouble putting down.

Berkley Sensations published Body Thief by C.J. Barry in 2011. 

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