The Duke is Mine

Historical Romance

The Duke is Mine is another book using fairy tales as a part of the story.  Somewhere in the book there is a huge pile of mattresses but no pea under the bottom one.  There is also a prospective Mother-in Law conducting tests that the bride to be must pass. 

Olivia and Georgiana are twin sisters but not at all alike.  Olivia is the oldest and is very full figured.  Georgiana is the studious one and tall and slender.  Their father went to school and was fast friends with the Duke of Canterwick.  The two made a pace to join the two families by marriage and in spite of the difference in rank they Olivia, the first-born daughter, is betrothed to Rupert the first-born and only child of the Duke.  This is not a marriage made in heaven.  Rupert is 5 years younger than Olivia and is not the brightest blub in the chandelier.   There is one good thing about the marriage.  Olivia will be able to provide a large dowry for Georgiana allowing her to marry well.

Then as fate would have it before the marriage Rupert goes off to war and Olivia goes with Georgiana to meet the Tarquin, the Duke of Sconce.  He and Georgiana are perfect for each other.  There is just one problem.  Olivia and the Duke fall in love.  Olivia does not want to betray Rupert or hurt her sister.  It looks like a hopeless situation. 

The first of The Duke is Mine is filled with humor.  Olivia, Rupert, Georgiana and Tarquin are all great characters.  Olivia and Georgiana are not only sisters but also best friends and their talks are fun to read.  The dialog between Olivia and Tarquin is priceless.  I liked the action and how it played out.  Of course there is a HEA for Olivia and Tarquin.  I just wished that it had happened in another way.  The last part of the book was sad not humorous.  I won’t say anything more to prevent a spoiler. 

Avon Books will release The Duke is Mine by Eloisa James December 27, 2011.

I received an ARC of The Duke is Mine from Amazon Vine.

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