Musing Monday January 2, 2012

This week’s musing asks…
What is/are the first book(s) you’re reading for the new year?

I have already read two books and am half way through a third.  Two are novella length and one is a full length novel.
I’ve Got Your Number by Sophie Kinsella
is a ARC I got from Amazon Vine.  I saw a short review on another book blog and it sounded cute so when it was available
on Vine I requested the book.  This is
the first time I have read a book by
Kinsella.  It was cute and a short
read.  I did like that here HEA
mentioned that the relationship
would only last if they worked on it.
Galaxy Girls by Edie Ramer is a Science Fiction Romance.
I am about half way
through the book and need to hurry up
with this post so I can get back to it.
It is very character driven.  Here is what Goodreads has to say:
“Genetically created to be broodmares, Phyrne Galaxy and her mother, aunt and cousin don’t
 need men, they need freedom. They escaped 
from the warring planet of Kergeron to Earth, where Phyrne’s aunt’s vision of winning money
in a New Jersey casino comes true. Too bad 
her aunt’s precog didn’t show the hoods 
waiting outside with guns. But Phyrne 
has her own weapon, more powerful 
than bullets. She’s ovulating.”
Deadly Pursuit by Nina Croft is the second
 book in the Blood Hunter series.  Croft
mixes the paranormal with science fiction
for a great story.  This time our hero is
Jon, the escaped assassin who just happens
to be a werewolf.  Here is what Goodreads
has to say about Deadly Pursuit.
“Breaking assassin Jonathon Decker out of a maximum security prison on Trakis One
seemed like a good idea at the time. Now,
pursued across space by the two most
powerful factions in the universe,
the crew of El Cazador are having second thoughts.
They’d like to give him back. Unfortunately, that no longer seems an
Jon is used to working alone. Now, he’s
stuck on the space cruiser El Cazador
until he can work out just what he’s
supposed to know that puts him on
everybody’s most-wanted-dead list.
He s not happy that the crew includes
a runaway priestess with designs
on his virtue such as it is. Jon likes
women, but he gave up the role of
protector a long time ago, and Alexia,
High Priestess of the Church of
Everlasting Life, is an accident waiting to happen.”
This is a fun series and I am looking forward
to the next book.

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