Back to the Moon by Travis S. Taylor and Les Johnson

Science Fiction

Both Travis Taylor and Les Johnson work for NASA and were part of the program to go back to the moon.  President Obama cancelled the program, a decision many of us think was a mistake. 

Back to the Moon is what might happen in the future.  There is a new quick turnaround vehicle that private industry has developed for true space travel.  NASA has a new class of rockets that will send a mission to the moon for the first time in years. Unknown to the world the Chinese send their own Lunar expedition that crashes with no hope of taking off again.  All of these elements are the basis for Back to the Moon.

The Private Space Plane picks up the distress call from the Chinese.  NASA changes its mission from science to rescue.  Time is the enemy.  For everything to work there can be no delay and no mistakes.  Never happens in real life and does not happen in fiction either.

Back to the Moon is a plea to return to the moon wrapped around an exciting story.  I loved it but I did think that Taylor and Johnson were preaching to the choir and the choir does not have much influence.  Most people don’t seem to care that we are giving up on space and that other countries are by passing us in developing the technology needed to go back to the moon.

Baen published Back to the Moon by Travis S. Taylor and Les Johnson in 2011.

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