A Winter Scandal by Candace Camp

 Historical Romance

A Winter Scandal is another book that has been in my TBR pile for at least a month.  It is the first book written in a new series by Candace Camp.  She is one of my favorite historical romance writers but this book just did not catch my attention like some of her previous books.

A Winter Scandal has a cast of character that sounds familiar.  We start with Thea Bainbridge, the plain sister of the local Vicar.  Add in Gabriel, Lord Morecombe, who just purchased a local manor and is visiting with some of his bachelor friends.  And then there is Matthew, a delightful baby, who Thea finds in church abandoned in the manager that is out for the Christmas program.  The baby has a pin belonging to Gabriel’s sister.  The sister has been missing for over a year.  So now we have a mystery that Gabriel and Thea need to solve. The mystery throws them together and attraction follows.  There is also a cast of characters that can be featured in future books.

I have no complaints about the writing; the story line just did not click for me.  I hope I will like the next one better. 

Pocket Star Books published A Winter Scandal by Candace Camp in 2011.

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