The Dimensional Shift by Frances Pauli

Science Fiction Romance

I found The Dimensional Shift on the SFR Brigade’s Pitch Contest and went to Barnes and Noble to purchase and download the ebook.  This is cute story with an unusual main character.  Chloe’s job is cleaning rooms in a local hotel in the northern US.  Her job is seasonal as the hotel has few guests in the winter.  On one of her last days of the season a woman in room 306 walks in from the balcony while she is cleaning.  The only problem is that there should not have been anyone in the room.  Drew, the only occupant, was out and when he returned confirmed that the woman must have broken in.  Meeting Drew leads to a job offer for Chloe.

Drew offers her a job at twice the pay at a hotel he helps manage.  She does not have to move, and she can commute to work from her living room.  The hotel is an inter-dimensional hotel catering to being from different dimensions.  Chloe will be working in the human section.  Chloe is still cleaning rooms but is drawn into an ongoing mystery.  She must use her skills to find the answerers to several question, not the least of which is whether or not her boss, Drew, is interested in her.

I enjoyed the story.  At times it was a little slow, mostly because of the world building.  The characters were fun and unique.  The concept was interesting and lends itself to future stories.  In fact the second book featuring Chloe is already out.  I was going to purchase it but found that it was not available as an ebook at Barnes and Noble.  That was a surprise.  I need to check the publisher’s web site to see if I can purchase it there.

Awe-Struck published The Dimensional Shift by Frances Pauli in 2010.

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