Theories of Flight by Simon Morden

Science Fiction/Audio Book

SPOILER ALERT:  Don’t read if you don’t want some spoilers.

When we left Samuil Petrovitch in Equations of Life he had defeated The New Machine Jihad, was in a hospital, his heart had given out, the hospital did not have a new heart and Mattie left to find a new one.  Things have changed since then.

As Theories of Flight begins we find Samuil at his desk looking at a spear that was built to Samuil’s equations, is a work of art, but does not perform as expected. He is taking his glasses off and putting them on pushing them up his nose and something new.  He is twisting his wedding ring.  He also has a new title.  He is Dr. Samuil Petrovitch.  It looks like things are going well in his life but that is soon to change.  There are people who want his knowledge and if they cannot get that they want him dead.  No only Samuil but all the people who were with him when he defeated The New Machine Jihad.

Once again Samuil is going to take a licking and keep on ticking.  I have fallen in love with this series.  Samuil is such an unlikely hero but he never takes the easy path.  He is loyal to his friends and refuses to desert them.  When his enemies’ attack using the people of the OutZone Samuil rises to the occasion and brings victory from defeat.

I have the next book Degrees of Freedom ordered in audio books form and hope it comes today.  A side effect of listening to the books is my new ability to swear in Russian.  Samuil uses a lot of Russian swear phrases and as long as Toby Moore, the narrator of the books, has the correct pronunciation I even say everything correctly. 

I visited Simon Morden’s web site and saw there is a contract for book four in the series. 

Recorded Books produced Theories of Flight by Simon Morden in 2011.

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