That Syncing Feeling by Michelle Levigne

Science Fiction Romance

When I reviewed Black Dragon I saw that there was soon to be another Borealis Novella released.  Somehow I missed the release date and just found That Syncing Feeling when I checked Desert Breeze’s web site to see what was new.

 I really like the Borealis series but I have to say that this story was not about Borealis or the Borealis Universe. 

Rover Pilot Lieutenant Nureen Keala gets caught in a dimensional rift and ends up in a different universe and near Borealis.  Commodore Tedrin Creed was a war hero in Keala’s universe who apparently died in a battle 50 years ago.  He was good friend of Keala’s grandfather and Keala’s personal hero.   It turns out that Creed was caught in the same rift.  He has been keeping low profile on Borealis since arriving. It seems that the rift not only changed his location, it also affected time. For Creed only five years have passed.

Creed realizes that Keala is in a vessel from his universe and he has only days before the rift will open again and allow him to return home.  Neither trusts the other; Keala because Creed is too young and Creed because he fears that Keala is a trap to get him to share technology with the TPP. 

Creed’s situation reminded me of the Black Jack Geary in Jack Campbell’s Lost Fleet series.  It just was not as well done.  When I got to the end of That Synching Feeling I found that there was a novel set in Keala’a and Creed’s universe due out soon.  Keala is the best friend of the main female character in that book.  That Synching Feeling felt more like a plug for that book than it felt like a Borealis story.  While the story was OK, I was disappointed.  It was not really a Borealis story.

Desert Breeze published That Syncing Feeling by Michelle Levigne in 2011.

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