The Royal Scam by Gini Koch

Space Opera/Science Fiction Romance

I have two complaints about The Royal Scam.  First and foremost it just was not long enough.  It is listed as a short story and it is.  Thankfully there are to be more to follow.  My second is unusual.  After I bought The Royal Scam from Musa and downloaded it to my computer I tried to side load to my Nook (the only way to get it there if I did not buy from Barnes and Noble) I was told I did not have permission to load the story to that location.  It took me a long to read because I had to read on my computer and I kept forgetting it was there.

Now to the story:  It is fast paced, full of action and humor.  Gina managed great character development in a short number of words. By the end of the story I felt like I knew most of the crew of the Hummingbird.  There are no wasted words in the story; each is used to convey something important to the reader.  Things are not as they seem at the beginning of the story and there is a lot of room for future adventures with the crew of the Hummingbird.

I don’t want to give any of the story away so just let me urge you to buy and read The Royal Scam.  If you were not a Gini Koch fan before you read it you will be after.  I consider it to be a must have for Space Opera/SFR Fans.

Musa Publishing published The Royal Scam by Gini Koch in 2011.

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