Hex by Allen Steele

Science Fiction

I like the Coyote series so I have to give Hex a mention.  This is Space Opera with Coyote characters.   It is not set on Coyote and is a side story to that universe.

The danui offer information about planet suitable for human life located in their star system.  Coyote sends a ship to check it out.  For conflict we have the Captain and her estranged son both on the ship.  For further conflict once they get to the system them find no planet but a massive sphere orbiting the system.  No one talks to them when they arrive so they just blunder in.  Adventure and danger follow.

It is a good Space Opera and if you like Science Fiction I recommend you give it a try.  It can be read as a stand-alone.  For me I did not feel much connection to the Coyote series.  Anyone who has followed the Coyote series will want to read the book.  To me that was the main reason for it to be written.  It was predictable but fun to read.

Berkley Published Hex by Allen Steele in 2011.

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