Chain Reaction by Zoe Archer

Science Fiction Romance

Chain Reaction is set in the same universe as Collision Course and contains some of the same characters.  There is some world building in Chain Reaction and what there is does the job.  If you want to know more about this universe you need to read both books.

This is pretty standard fair.  Celene Jur is the top pilot in the elite 8th Wing.  Nils Calder is a tech-head in 8th Wing engineering.  Their paths would seldom cross but as fate has it both are needed to find and destroy a weapon that couldspell the end of the 8th Wing.  There is danger, there is attraction, and there is action.  I liked the story but I could have done with a little more action and a little less attraction.  I know SFR needs romance and I like romance but I prefer it sprinkled into the action not the action sprinkled into the romance.  But for all of that it is a good story with two very likeable main characters.

This universe has a lot to offer so I would guess we will see more stories about the 8th Wing.

Carina Press published Chain Reaction by Zoe Archer in 2012.

I received a free copy of Chain Reaction from NetGalley.


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