Stud by Cheryl Brooks

Science Fiction Romance

I have followed The Cat Star Chronicles from the beginning and was thrilled to see new offering in the series.  Stud was released in February and is a great addition to the series.

Just a quick background for any who have not read the series.  Zetithian males are the greatest lovers in the universe.  A jealous man destroyed the home planet of the Zetithians along with most of the Zetithian race.  A few survived but have been hunted and ran the risk of being killed if found.  That changed when the man guilty of the destruction was found and killed.  Zetithian are no longer hunted and killed.

I met Tarq in Virgin, book seven in the series.  He thinks the only thing he is good for is producing new Zetithians and he in traveling the universe offering his services to any woman who will bear his children.  He does not feel he is worthy of love so he is doing the only thing he thinks he can do to help his people.  I wondered how Cheryl was going to handle his story because he is truly deserves the title Stud.

Everything changes for Tarq when he walks into a restaurant owned by Lucinda Force’s father.  The minute he smells Lucinda (yes I said smells) his world changes.  Lucinda had no hope of romance.  Her family does not treat her well.  She does all the work and gets none of the credit.  When Tarq arrives she takes the chance for one night of romance, a night that will give her children of her own.  Her plan is to leave and start a life of her own.

Both Tarq and Lucinda want more than one night but both are afraid to speak what is in their heart. Lucinda because she does not think anyone could love her and Tarq because his only useful skill is in bed.  There is conflict and danger to make the changes needed for both to accept love.

I think Tarq’s story is one of my favorites of the series.  His insecurities come for a learning disability that makes reading a problem.  It gives a nice touch to the story and a reason for him to feel less than others.

Sourcebooks published Stud by Cheryl Brooks in February of 2012.

 I received an ARC of Stud from Netgalley.

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