Ghost of a Chance by Simon R Green


Simon R Green writes novels with lots of blood and guts and Ghost of a Chance is no exception.  The book starts. “Everyone knows there are bad places in the world.”  This first Ghost Finders Novel has two institutes that send teams out to handle bad places when they appear.

Our heroes’ work for the Carnacki Institute and are the good guys.  They only work to shut down bad places.  The opposition works for the Crowlely Project.  They really don’t care about protecting humanity; they just want to amass knowledge and power for their own use.

The team from the Carnacki Institute consists of:

JC Chance– He is an over the top very confident, extremely good-looking male who is the leader of the team.

Melody Chamber – Her main concern is with the machines that pinpoint where and what the bad things are.

Happy Jack Palmer – A telepath who is never happy and spends his days popping pills to help keep the voices at bay.

At the end of the book there is a surprising new member.

They are not an “A” team but when a big bad shows up in the London Underground they are all that is available.  A two-man team from the Crowlely Project is tasked with taking JC and his team out and shows up in the underground at the same time.

This is a set up for a lot of blood and guts, unexpected alliances and a win in the end.

Everything about this is over the top.  I could never see this as a movie but it would make a great comic strip with characters drawn like the Dick Tracy strip of old. I thought it was a fun book to read but not one to take seriously.

This is our Science Fiction Book Club book this month.  I wrote this before the meeting and am adding the thought of the group after we met.

Group thoughts on the book:

There were two thumbs up on the book and 7 thumbs down.  Only two of us liked the book.  Everyone else said they were tempted to put it down unfinished and would have if it had not been a Book Club selection.

ACE published Ghost of a Chance by Simon R. Green in 2010.



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