Degrees of Freedom

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Today is a glad and a sad day.  I finished listening to Degrees of Freedom and I am glad to find out what happened but I am sad because there will be no more Samuil Petrovitch for a while.  I checked all three audio books out from the library so I can’t go back and listen any time I want just to get a Petrovitch fix.  I guess I will have to go buy the books.  That will have to last me until the next book comes out and that will be quite awhile.

If you are a fan of Science Fiction I highly recommend the Metrozone series.  Samuil Petrovitch is an unlikely hero.  My reaction to him reminds me of my reaction to Lisbeth Salander in Girl With a Dragon Tattoo.  Sometimes neither of them is very likeable but I could not help but pull for both.

In Degrees of Freedom almost a year has passed since the last book.  Sam still is not with Mattie, Sonia still wants him, Michael is still buried under the Oshicora tower, the CIA is causing trouble, and The New Machine Jihad is around again.  To add to all of that what appears to be an Armageddonists bomb has been found.   Sam is about to have a very busy two days.  Just tons of fun for the listener.

 Recorded Books produced Degrees of Freedom in 2011.

Toby Leonard Moore narrated all three books and he was very, very good.



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