Quinten’s Story by KS Augustin

Quinten’s Story is a bit of a change for KS Augustin.  Her books are usually romances but while Quinten’s Story has a romance in the past the book is pure Science Fiction/ Space Opera.  Here is the Blurb from the book:

Quinten Tamlan was once the scourge of the Republic. Then he disappeared….

It’s been seven long years for Quinten Tamlan. Scarred and bitter, he has lost direction and the spark of idealism that once fired his resolve. But when he is forced to take on a new crewmember, he is once more pulled back into a past that refuses to let go.

Quinten believes he has his own problems. He believes he is alone and forgotten. He is wrong. Quite wrong.

The first part of Quinten’s Story has numerous flashbacks that explain how Quinten got to where he is today.  It was my least favorite part of the book.  I could see what was going to happen, knew I could not change it, and just wanted to get through that part as fast as I could.  The rest of the story is about the change that is brought on when Quinten takes on a new crew member. 

Quinten’s Story is just plain old fashioned good story telling.  The characters are intriguing, the plot full of twists and turns, the action riveting, and the writing superb.  It does end with something’s unresolved but Augustine states on her web site that there will be a sequel.  I for one will be watching for it to be published.

.Sandal Press published Quinten’s Story by KS Augustine in 2012.

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