Motor City Mage by Cindy Spencer Pape

Paranormal Romance 

Motor City Mage is the fourth book in this series and it appears to be the last as all of the couples who started the series are now together.  I received a free copy of Motor City Mage from Netgalley.  Here is what Goodreads says about the book:

As a cop who keeps paranormals in line, Des has a hard time trusting them. So why does he want the beautiful werewolf Lana more than his next breath? She’s mouthy, flamboyant and distractingly sexy—not the type of woman for a reserved mage like him. Lana admires Des, but she can’t be with someone who won’t take her seriously, no matter how much she’d love to rip off his dress shirt. 

When a dangerous new drug shows up in Detroit, Des must locate the source, and Lana is determined to help. But their plan goes awry, trapping them in a demon dimension. To return home, Lana and Des must flee through a series of unpredictable alternate realities, fighting enemies while trying to shut down the drug trade. But if they’re going to survive, they’ll have to rely on each other, even though getting closer will add fuel to a fire that’s already burning out of control..

Worldbuilding:  There is a lot of new world building in Motor City Mage as Des and Lana travel in alternate realities.  It is hard to tell if the world building drives the story or the story drives the world building.  Either way it works and is a sign of very good writing.

Conflict:  There is conflict both internal and external between the two main characters.  It is believable and helps drive the story.

Plot:  The story is familiar.  Throw a male and female character together, create a problem that requies them to work together and the journey takes them to a HEA.  It is how it is handled that makes each story unique and this story has a great plot that held my attention and had me asking what next?

Characters:  Both Des and Lana are fleshed out in the story.  We learn a lot about their past and how it influences their present.  They gradually change and grow as the story flows to a believable conclusion.

Writing:  Cindy Pape writes a very good story.  Everything moves smoothly.  There is just enough information.  Something I like is for much of the story to be told in the active voice and Motor City Mage has much of the active and little of the passive in the telling.

Carina Press published Motor City Mage by Cindy Pape in 2012.

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