When Maidens Mourn by C.S. Harris

Historical Mystery

I love this series and always love when a new one comes out and hate the fact that I will have to wait a year for the next book.  I had When Maidens Mourn on pre-order from Amazon and started reading as soon as it arrived.  While I like the mystery I have mixed feeling about the book as a whole.  It did not catch me like the previous book.  More about that after I share what Goodreads has to say about the book:

 When Gabrielle Tennyson is murdered, aristocratic investigator Sebastian St. Cyr and his new reluctant bride, the fiercely independent Hero Jarvis, find themselves involved in an intrigue concerning the myth of King Arthur, Camelot, and a future poet laureate…

I don’t really think that is a very good description of the book.  The story picked up after Sebastian and Hero were married.  They have shared 4 passionate nights and 4 uncomfortable days.  Despite the passion of the night they are still wary and uncomfortable around each other during the day.  Sebastian suggests they travel to his country estate and Hero agrees but before they can leave Hero’s friend Gabrielle Tennyson is found murdered.  Their trip is put on hold and both move to investigate the murder but here their paths diverge.  There are secrets both keep for the other.

That is what gives me mixed feelings about the book.  I love when they work together and I have been pulling for them for a long time.  I for one never liked Kat and always thought Hero was a much better match for Sebastian.  The secrets Sebastian and Hero are keeping while they do their separate investigations are driving a wedge in their already fragile relationship.  Instead of kicking up the tension I just wanted to take both and shake some sense into them.  I did enjoy the mystery and was surprised when the crime was solved.  There were also some new elements and one very intriguing character introduced this time.

I checked C.S. Harris’ blog and the next book is already written and turned into the publisher and the book after that is in the works.  I will have both on pre-order when the time comes.  This is not my favorite of the series but it is a good solid book and I will be rereading while I wait for the next one.

Obsidan published When Maidens Mourn by C.S. Harris in 2012.

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