Mako’s Bounty by Diane Dooley

Science Fiction Romance

Diane Dooley has packed a lot of romance in a 31 page short story.  Mako needs to capture Vin Sainte and collect his bounty to pay off her debt and free her mother.  She had spent the last 9 month tracking Vin.  She thinks she has him cornered at Madame Eve’s exclusive 1 Night Stand  dating agency.  But of course nothing is quite what it seems.

We have everything in this short story.  A bad girl who is not as bad as she thinks she is, a sexy man who is not a space pirate but is leading a rebellion, an evil corporation and just enough world building to keep the story going.  And like Blue Galaxy, a previous Diane Dooley review, there is an unexpected ending.  Be sure to pick this one up.  It is a short fun read.

Here is what Goodreads has to say about Mako’s Bounty:

For nine long months, at the behest of the evil Ravenscorp, Mako Dolan has been hunting the space pirate they call The Saint. Now she’s finally lured her prey to a one night stand with a mysterious woman—herself. But Vin Sainte is not at all what she expected. Far from being a ruthless space pirate, his main occupation seems to be rescuing nuns, adopting orphans and praying like a champ.

 For nine long months Vin Sainte has been fleeing the bounty hunter from one temporary refuge to the next. Now he’s got Mako exactly where he wants her: weak from gravity sickness and ripe for conversion. Problem is he didn’t expect a foul-mouthed, hard-as-nails bounty hunter to be such a devoted daughter. His head on a platter is Ravenscorp’s price for her mother’s freedom.

 They have less than twenty four hours. One will win; one will lose. Mako might be a fearsome predator, but Vin has the Lord on his side. Who will win the bounty.

Decadent Publishing released Mako’s Bounty by Diane Dooley in 2012.

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