In My Mailbox, April 22, 2012

In My Mail Box is hosted by The Story Siren and is an opportunity to share the books I get each week.

I received a two special free books this week.  From Fredrik Stanton I got a signed copy of Great Negotiation, Agreements that Changed the Modern World.  I have always loved history and it was almost my major in college.  There are eight negotiations in the book.  I was familiar with all but one.  I had never hear of The Portsmouth Treat, 1905, so this is the one I started with.

The next one is a signed copy of The Flower Reader by Elizabeth Loupas.  This one included a really nice letter, a post card and a signed  numbered beautiful pressed flower book mark.  The letter listed all the flowers in the bookmark and what each flower stood for.  The Flower Reader is a historical mystery set in the early years of the reign of Mary Queen of Scots.

It must be my week for free books.  I also got a copy of Death of a Kitchen Diva by Lee Hollis from Library Thing.  This is the first book in a new cozy mystery series complete with “Seven Delectaable recipes from Hayley’s kitchen.”  Haley Powell writes a food column and is the main character in the series.

 From NetGalley I requested and received Ruined by Rumor by Alyssa Everett. This is a historical romance from Carina Press.  Alyssa Everett is a newly published author.

 I purchased Hotter on the Edge, an Anthology of Science Fiction Romance Novellas from Amazon.  The three stories in the book are All That Glitters by Erin Kellison, To Buy a Wife KC Klein and Enslaved by Starlight Jeassa Slade.  The price was right for this one.  It was .99.  Those .99 books get me every time.  How can I be good and read only from my TBR pile when interesting sounding books are only .99?

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