Letter From Elizabeth Loupas

I got this lovely letter and book mark from Elizabeth Loupas.  Both are too nice to keep to myself so wanted to share with all of my readers.  Here are the letter and the bookmark.

 Dear Jo,

 Enclosed please find bookmark # 25 of 36, of the signed and numbered, limited edition Flower Reader pressed-flower        bookmarks,  I’m so pleased to be able to send it to you! 

 The Flowers used in the bookmark are, from the top:

 Wild Rose



 Coral Bells


 Rose Bud



 …with ivy leaves scattered throughout

 The meaning of the flowers are:

 Wild Rose: bracing and bittersweet.

 Daisy:  divination, answers to questions.

 Verbena; the holy herb, protect from evil.

 Cora bells: rising to the challenge.

 Marigold:  comfort for the heart and spirit.

 Rose Bud: blossoming passion, not necessarily romantic.

Cornflower: enduring love.

Buttercup: love of riches and rich food.

Ivy:  good fortune and constancy, promises kept.

I hope you enjoy The Flower Reader, and may you bookmark many many wonderful books!

Best regards,

Elizabeth Loupas



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