Zero Gravity Outcasts by Kay Keppler

Science Fiction/ Space Opera

 In Zero Gravity Outcasts Minka Shokat was falsely accused as a traitor and kicked out of Central Command.  Five years later she has her own ship and two good friends as partners and crew.  She wants nothing to do with Central Command but her partner agrees to transport cargo to a Peace Conference.  The cargo is the General who accused her of being a traitor and the person who accompanies the General is her old flame.  Things go bad in a big hurry.

 Don’t expect much in the way of world building or character development in the novella.  Do expect lots of action.  There is excitement, danger, and more betrayal.  This is a short quick enjoyable read.  Pick it up when you don’t have time for a full length novel.

 Carina Press published Zero Gravity Outcasts by Kay Keppler in 2012.

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