The Breach (Travis Chase Series #1) by Patrick Lee


Science Fiction/Mystery


The Breach is Science Fiction Mystery set not in the future but in a slightly different present.  Something happened thirty years ago that opened a door.  Here is how Goodreads tells it:

In the Alaskan wilds, former cop Travis Chase stumbles upon the wreckage of a 747 filled with dead bodies, including the nation’s First Lady. Soon Chase is dragged into a battle for the future that revolves around an amazing artifact. Original.

There are two really great characters in The Breach.  They are also two characters that are so different that they should have never met but the way the story is written it just makes sense that they meet and work together.  I liked both. 

Travis Chase should not have been a good hero.  He was a crooked cop who killed someone and not in the line of duty.  He spent most of his 20’s and all of his 30’s in prison for the crime. 

Paige Campbell works for Tangent, a secret project that guards items that could destroy the world.  She is smart, driven, and focused.  People with Travis’s background do not belong in her world.

The plot in The Breach is very complicated and very fast paced.  It sounds simple when the book starts but simple just keeps getting more complicated as the book continues.  This was a “can’t stop reading book”.    The twist at the end was the biggest complication of all. 

The Breach is the first book in the Travis Chase series.  The next one is Ghost Country.  Both were on the new books shelf at the library but since I had never hear of the series I just checked out the first one.  I hope the second one is still on the shelf  but if not I will put a hold on it.  I want to know what happens next.

Harper published The Breach by Patrick Lee in 2010.

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