Born to Darkness (Fighting Destiny Series) by Suzanne Brockmann

Science Fiction/Paranormal/Romance

There were a lot of reviews when Born to Darkness came out and they were all over the grid for rating.  Some people loved it, some hated it and there was all in between.  Since it had a science fiction/futuristic/paranormal theme it caught my attention so put in a hold at my local library and waited for it to come in so I could decide for myself.  Here is the theme from Goodreads:

Dishonorably discharged, former Navy SEAL Shane Laughlin is down to his last ten bucks when he finally finds work as a test subject at the Obermeyer Institute, a little-known and believed-to-be-fringe scientific research facility. When he enters the OI compound, he is plunged into a strange world where seemingly mild-mannered scientists—including women half his size—can kick his highly skilled ass.

Shane soon discovers that there are certain individuals who possess the unique ability to access untapped regions of the brain with extraordinary results—including telekinesis, super strength, and reversal of the aging process. Known as “Greater-Thans,” this rare breed is recruited by OI, where they are rigorously trained using ancient techniques to cultivate their powers and wield them responsibly.

But in the depths of America’s second Great Depression, where the divide between the haves and the have-nots has grown even wider, those who are rich—and reckless—enough have a quick, seductive alternative: Destiny, a highly addictive designer drug that can make anyone a Greater-Than, with the power of eternal youth. The sinister cartel known as The Organization has begun mass-producing Destiny, and the demand is epidemic. But few realize the drug’s true danger, and fewer still know the dirty secret of Destiny’s crucial ingredient.

Michelle “Mac” Mackenzie knows the ugly truth. And as one of the Obermeyer Institute’s crack team of operatives, she’s determined to end the scourge of Destiny. But her kick-ass attitude gets knocked for a loop when she finds that one of the new test subjects is none other than Shane, the same smoldering stranger who just rocked her world in a one-night stand. Although Shane isn’t a Greater-Than like Mac, as an ex-SEAL, he’s got talents of his own. But Mac’s got powerful reasons to keep her distance from him—and reasons that are just as strong to want him close. She’s used to risking her life, but now, in the midst of the ultimate war on drugs, she must face sacrificing her heart.

So what do  I think about Born to Darkness.  Well for starters I can see why it got such a mix of reviews. 

The story in Born to Darkness is great.  It kept me reading and on the edge of my seat.  However since this is a brand new world there was a lot of time spent world building and during that time the story went on vacation.  All of that was necessary and it was done in an active way but it still slowed everything down. 

I liked the main characters.  Unlike some books where there are only two, in Born to Darkness there are a whole host.  All are important to the story and time is spent on character development for each.  Some of that can be done within the main story line but some cannot and again that slows the main story down.  On the plus side I will know a lot about each character when the next book in the series comes out.

Those are the two main reasons I see for the reviews being as diverse as they are.  For people who have read previous books by Brockmann this book was not as fast paced as others and that may be why they were disappointed.

For some of the characters there is an HEA but for some it is left hanging.  The immediate problem is solved in Born to Darkness but the reason behind the problem is still out there waiting for next book in the Fighting Destiny Series

Where did I come down on the review grid?  I loved it and will be looking for the next in the series.

Ballantine Books published Born to Darkness by Suzanne Brockmann in 2012.



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