The Bride Wore Pearls by Liz Carlyle

Historical Romance

Since Goodreads did not have much to say about The Bride Wore Pearls by Liz Carlyle  I had to pull from Amazon.  Here is what Amazon had to say about the book:

“Beneath the elegant facade of Victorian high society, the rules of danger and desire are the only rules that apply for the mysterious men of the St James Society. New York Times bestseller Liz Carlyle carries readers deep into this realm of intrigue and passion once more in her breathtaking historical romance sizzler, The Bride Wore Pearls. The third book in her sexy, compelling, action-packed series, The Bride Wore Pearls is a scorching story of a very proper lady who flees her home in a far corner of the British Empire, entrusting her safety and her heart to a dangerous outlaw in Victorian London”


This series features the men of the St. James Society.  Lady Anisha Stafford is the sister of one of the members of the St James Society.  She has mixed blood from her Indian mother and her English father.  She has come back to England with her two boys after the death of her English husband to make her home with her brother Lord Ruthveyn.  The first person she meets is Rance Welham another member of the St. James Society.

Characters:  This is very much a character driven story and both of the main characters are unique.  Anisha has to balance her Indian side with her English blood.  She wants her sons to be accepted so she tries to downplay her unique bloodline.  Rance Welham was falsely accused of two different crimes and is trying to clear his name.  He can accept Anisha as she is but does not want her to be tainted by his bad reputation. There is also one reoccurring character from book before this series.  It is always fun to see what he adds to the mix.

Plot:  The entire plot revolved around Rance’s quest to clear his name.  There are several red herrings before we find the true villain.  Anisha’s determination to help adds to the plot.

Worldbuilding:  There is a paranormal addition to the times in this series.  Each member of the St. James Society has some type of paranormal skill.  Each book adds layers to this world.

Tension:  There is plenty of tension in the story.  There are people stalking Rance.  There is the attraction between Anisha and Rance.  There is the quest to find the truth.  All combined to keep me reading.

The Bride Wore Pearls is a good addition to the St. James Society series.  Pick it up for an enjoyable read.

Avon published The Bride Wore Pearls by Liz Carlyle in 2012.

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