Alien Diplomacy by Gini Koch

Science Fiction

Kitty and Jeff have new roles in Alien Diplomacy. They are the ambassadors for Centurion American and while they accept their their new roles neither is very happy. After being the center of all the action they are now in a much more passive job.  Someone else is doing his or her old jobs.  Kitty is regulated to taking classes like Washington Wife’s.  A class that is suppose to school her in proper behavior for a Ambassador’s wife.  Of course she ranks at the bottom of the class.  Just when she thinks she will die of boredom a new threat arrives.  Word is that there will be an assassination during the Presidents Ball and the AC’s are trying to find out who the target is so they can stop it from happening.

It is fun to see Kitty in a support role.  I know I liked her much better in this book than I did in the last.  While she is always fun her I know it all and I am the only one who comes up with any good ideas attitude in the last book kind of got on my nerves.  She still has good ideas but is not rubbing everyone’s nose it.  For most of the book she is as clueless as everyone else.

I also like Jeff’s change of attitude.  His jealousy was also stepping on a few of my nerves.  That was toned down a lot.  What made the jealousy so bad was the fact that there was never any reason for him to be jealous.  He is Kitty’s one and only.

There are a great group of new characters and some of the side characters for previous books have an expanded role in Alien Diplomacy.  I especially liked seeing how Mister Joel Oliver, the little snoop,  has a more important part in the story.

The plot is very exciting but does not have as much over the top action as previous books.  The pacing was much calmer with everything building to the big climax.  It was not so calm that I could stand to put the books down.  In fact I stayed up late to finish it.  Of course at the end Kitty played a major role. 

Little Jamie –Kat at age 3 months also had a big part to play.  By the time she is one she may be able rule the world if she wanted. 

Now I have to wait until December for the next book, Alien VS Alien, which I already have on pre-order. 

Alien Diplomacy can stand-alone but I recommend reading the series in order.  If you don’t you will miss out on  a lot of fun.  

DAW published Alien Diplomacy by Gini Koch in 2012.

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